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Kahloed with Kindness

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Our Smith School first grade participated in the "Kahloed with Kindness Mural" during a collaborative time between art and first grade. In first grade art,  we begin to understand that lines make shapes. We learn that shapes can be organic too much like flowers found in nature. Kahlo and nature have always paired well as subject matter.

Why Frida?

Frida Kahlo was one of the most popular female Mexican artists and that is an important significance to highlight. Celebrating her culture was most fitting during Hispanic Heritage month.

The students picked a kindness word that resonated with them. This tied with the week of Respect here at Smith as well.  Our very own guidance counselor Nicole Alvarez explained to students the importance of throwing kindness like confetti during thevweek.

I as the art teacher informed students how Frida developed her own style and uniqueness as a child and artist. With that,  First grade developed an empathy and awareness of being diverse as they picked their favorite kindness word. First grade teachers LeeAnn Schaadt, Carly Dileo, and Cheryl Jones assisted in the writing process

When asked of a first grader "what would you say to Frida Kahlo if you saw that she was being made fun of for being different?" He replied with "Frida, you are beautiful!"

Our first grade collaborative project looked beautiful and brought together art, art history, culture, writing and most importanly character education. We are so proud of this!