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Allergy Letter - Halloween

Dear Parents and Guardians:

With Halloween celebrations rapidly approaching, as a reminder at Smith School, we are committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for all children. A student in your child’s class may have a serious food allergy.

While some allergic reactions can be mild, many children with peanut, nut and other food allergies can experience serious symptoms after eating, touching or merely smelling peanuts or other allergen.

I would like to reiterate the procedure of food allergies in the classroom:

  • We have a strict “No sharing” of food policy at Smith School. Please reinforce this with your children.
  • Please do not send any nuts, peanuts or food containing peanuts during the Halloween celebration.
  • Please take time to read labels on any food that you purchase for your child’s classroom.
  • No homemade food allowed during Halloween celebration, unfortunately we cannot guarantee homemade food is safe and has not been cross contaminated during the cooking process.
  • If you have any questions regarding any restrictions, please do not hesitate to email me or call me.

Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin Project is a nationwide campaign to make trick-or-treating safe and fun for all kids. By displaying a teal pumpkin this Halloween, households in every state will signal that they have non–food treats for children with food allergies and other medical dietary restrictions. To participate, paint a pumpkin teal or buy a ready-made teal pumpkin at a national retailer. Then, place it in front of your home to show that you have non-food treats such as glow sticks or small toys available.

If you don’t have a pumpkin, you can still participate by displaying a free teal pumpkin flyer from FARE.

Suggestions for non-food treats to pass out on Halloween go to

Thank-you for keeping our school safe and healthy. Have a wonderful and safe Halloween Rose Sachedina, RN